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Welcome to the hottest videos on the net! Featuring all the big booty females you have grown to love...inspired by the website ,, & The big booty dancers on these DVDs are amazingly BIG. No phony business! Real females with Real asses for the masses. The DVDs are 1hour + and have some of the finest big booty girls from all over the country. Just like the website, some of the honeys go completely nude and shake that ass for you in 6 inch highheels all night long. The girls shown here are only a very small sample of what the DVDs has to offer. Order the DVD and watch these girls make that ass go wobble wobble. $19.99 + $5.00 Order NOW!

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Samples 1 thru 6 & 10 are available for viewing

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Part 10 is a very hott DVD! We put all the newest dancers on this DVD. We have also placed a few extra suprises...order now!@




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By far one of the best DVDs out packed full of big booty dancers...This DVD has all of the most recent featured dancers on, and Join the sites and then order the this DVD in very High Definition to view in your own home. Thanks for all the support and emails, we appreciate it.




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All I can say is...LOOK AT THAT! She was in a few music videos...with an ass like that I'm not surprised. We have more of her on this DVD as many others. More of Suga can be seen on Part 10.





Goodness…all I can say is see it to believe it! Most of the order we receive are customer’s ordering all 9 because each DVD offers it’s unique flavor. From part 1 with the old school big booty girls with ass that you would only see back in the day on sir mix a lot videos and 2 live crew to the current DVDs where the bubble booties are in high demand. But this DVD has it all ghetto and bubble booties. This DVD, as all the others, is a must have.






Memory is on Part 8...she has an ass like a basket ball. Wait til you see her move that will drive you stir crazy! More of her to come on Part 10...coming very soon. You can also see more of her at





You have to love Platinum’s ass…she got a dunk for sure…image that booty in some high heels just bouncing it from left to right. She and many others on this DVD got some serious booties…the plush hotel scene with Platinum is a must see! 






Oh boy! Suga  and Toni….CRAZY BOOTY FOR DAYS!!!!!!  You will love this DVD because Suga’s booty is like the 8th wonder of the world. Sexy Toni’s ass is off the chain…her waist is so small…lovely. See more at We also have a few surprise guest on this DVD as well.





Look at that ass on Delishis...hott! You can see more of her at Now she truly knows how to shake that money maker. This DVD will make you a believer.





OK, this is where is get’s serious… has blessed us with her phat ass. Her booty is so big it’s crazy!  Filming this DVD was so hard because your video producer could not stop flirting with her….we received tons of letters and emails concerning this DVD. Not to mention the other ladies on this DVD…including msroundabout. This DVD also have plenty oil scenes which truly shows the enormous size of the booties on these females…outstanding!





Big Booty Judy is also on this DVD...The booty is crazy.





Oh gosh…talk about sexy and ghetto….the reason why I say that is because we introduce Msroundabout from sunny She has a very ghetto booty…you will luv it. The other dancers have a truly ridiculous ass…off the chain. We’ve gotten emails about this one saying that this DVD had some of the best female dancers on the net. We also have a few surprise guest on this one…you we truly love this DVD.





This was a very highly anticipated DVD because we introduced Msphatwonder from You will love this DVD…add it to your collection. We captured many scenes of Msphatwonder and believe me…that ass is enormous. We have more of her to come. We have her and others in high heels and sexy slinky outfits that better showcase that beautify ass and hips and incredibly small waist. HOTT! 





This DVD has a variety of Big Booty scenes where we acceted to capture footage in different places. Big Booty Honey is in this one…she is chocolate with a serious ghetto booty. Also, we took a couple of outdoor shots of Big Booty Judy…that ass is off the chain. This DVD is an all time favorite because this was the first time we implemented voyager footage into our DVDs. This DVD has some very well proportionate females with some ghetto booties…A MUST HAVE! 





Now this is a DVD that you will defiantly love. you have to see this dvd to believe that bubble booties that this dvd brings to the screen. We introduce Cinnamon...the tall and sexy big booty queen...about 52 inches of booty! Plus many more. When this dvd made it's debut, it was of high high that it took us a while to create the next volume. Some other sites tried to mimic our style but our females not only sexy as hell but they can shake that money maker. Check it out to see more.





This dvd is an all time classic! Featuring the girls who started it all. These girls have some BIG OLE BOOTIES for real! Til this day this dvd is still in high demand. Based on the web site: girls shake that ass and bounce that booty nude, in sexy outfits wearing heels for your veiwing pleasure. This dvd should be in your collection of movies.